Alumnae Confidence & Self-Esteem Empowerment & Leadership Girls in STEM

“Having people who knew what my goals were and supported me throughout that process was something that was instrumental in my success.”


Meet Sarina, a 2022 graduate of the Girls Inc. Eureka! immersive STEM program. Eureka!, nurtures an interest in STEM with hands-on experience and exposure to STEM-related careers and is one of many Girls Inc. program offerings that inspire girls to be strong, smart, and bold.   

Through the Eureka! Program and her Girls Inc. Experience, Sarina received valuable  resources and access to opportunities such as field trips, and mentorship that she might not have had otherwise. With the support of Girls Inc., she applied the values of being strong, smart, and bold on a daily basis finding the courage to play on her high school men’s football team – something she might not have been able to do had she not had a lifetime of support and constant encouragement. Influenced by her time with Girls Inc., Sarina is currently pursuing a  degree in Psychology while enlisting in the Navy and working alongside marines as a medic.  Watch the video below to hear more about Sarina’s Girls Inc. Experience, and how she was inspired to become a military doctor during a Girls Inc. field trip.  

*Video produced by Eureka! teens, Kelly & Cindy, during their summer internships at Castaway Creative.



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