Alumnae Confidence & Self-Esteem Empowerment & Leadership

“Girls Inc. helped me position myself to be a change agent, especially as I grew older.”


Meet Bailey, an alumna of Girls Inc. Saint Louis, Missouri who currently works in the Operations department for the McDonald’s Corporation in Orlando, Florida. Bailey shares with us some of her favorite memories at Girls Inc. and how Girls Inc. helped her become more confident and knowledgeable of her rights.

Favorite Memories at Girls Inc. 

My favorite Girls Inc. memory is 100% the Girls Inc. sleepover! We had cooking class, step class, art, and so much more. I remember getting in my sleeping bag, but never going to sleep because I was so nervous I would miss something. 

Another great memory I have is coming into the Girls Inc. building and immediately acknowledging our peers and instructors. Also reciting the Bill of Rights really stuck with me. I can reflect, and say that those words were strategically crafted to apply to any, and every girl that was to ever come up against adversity. It positioned me to be a change agent, especially as I grew older. During my time at Girls Inc., equal rights were a really big conversation. At the time, those conversations weren’t as significant because I couldn’t comprehend the extent. Now, I am educated on the rights and abilities that exist in any environment. Whether it be gender, race, or age I feel more equipped to advocate for myself because the knowledge was presented at such a young age. 

Advice I would give to girls, knowing what I know now 

The advice I would give to girls, knowing what I know now is to maximize your potential. There is no dream that is too big or too small to achieve. There are resources, investors, mentors, and leaders who are waiting for someone like you. We are all unique in our own way, and if you ever have a moment of doubt, just remember you are destined for greatness in your purpose. 

To the supporters of Girls Inc. 

To the supporters of Girls Inc., you have no idea the impact this program brings to young girls at such a critical age. Having leaders who instilled the “Bill of Rights” into us, and served as role models to us each and everyday we showed up was so inspiring. I dreamed big because of this program and I am beyond grateful for what each of you contributed to the growth of Girls Inc.


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