#GirlsToo Gratitude: Thank You Yvonne Orji

Posted by: Anonymous


Yvonne Orji ,

From being a strong , smart , bold and empowered women on and off the television screen to being ever so gracious enough to speak at the the Girls Inc. Los Angeles Celebration Luncheon – we never stop being impressed by your constant to push for equality for everybody (especially women) and for that we are endlessly thankful.

Their truly isn’t anybody like you. Thank you for your restlessness fight that constantly inspires me. Every girl deserves to grow up safe, respected, and valued. To feel comfortable about herself and her body, attend school without fear or intimidation, and be hopeful about her future. You joining other influencers, concerned adults, parents, educators and youth is what this movement is all about.

You are truly strong, smart, and bold.