#GirlsToo Gratitude: Thank You Tracee Ellis Ross

Posted by: Teen Advocacy Council



Thank you for your commitment to empowering women and girls. You show up authentically, make your voice heard, and advocate for positive changes around you. We need more public figures like you using their platform and influence to champion social causes.

Take for instance your involvement in the #TimesUp and #MeToo movements, standing in solidarity with sexual assault survivors. We are especially grateful for your support of the Girls Inc. #GirlsToo campaign: Respect Starts Young.

We were so excited to honor you last week at the Girls Inc. 2018 LA Luncheon. You standing on stage and reading the #GirlsToo pledge meant so much to us and the remarkable girls we serve.

Every girl deserves to grow up safe, respected, and valued. To feel comfortable about herself and her body, attend school without fear or intimidation, and be hopeful about her future. You joining other influencers, concerned adults, parents, educators and youth is what this movement is all about.

Thank you for showing girls what’s possible.

You are truly strong, smart, and bold.


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