Girls Inc. Request for Proposal (RFP) For Impact and Process Evaluation 

The Equality Can’t Wait Challenge – hosted by Pivotal Ventures, MacKenzie Scott and Dan Jewett, and Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Philanthropies – called for bold ideas that would expand women’s power and influence in the U.S. by 2030.

Girls Inc. Project Accelerate is a groundbreaking venture that partners and invests
with Equality Can’t Wait to ensure that workplace equality is achieved
not over centuries, but now.

Building on Girls Inc.’s evidence-based programming, Project Accelerate addresses inequality in the workplace, particularly the absence of women of color in positions of influence and leadership. The program will accelerate young women’s trajectories through college and career entry, leveraging partnerships with corporations and social impact organizations to ensure both their preparation and their access to positions of influence. Project Accelerate is a direct response to girls asking for support from a trusted source, Girls Inc., as they faced transitions and situations that challenged even the best prepared.

Hear from Katie, Girls Inc. of Indianapolis alumna.
Project Accelerate will scale throughout the Girls Inc. network of nearly
80 local organizations. The project will prepare thousands of young women leaders
not merely to succeed in workplace environments, but also to affect cultural change from within.

The Girls Inc. proposal was selected from 550 applications as one of ten finalists that stood out as an innovative solution that enables more women, particularly Black, Indigenous, and women of color, to be in positions to make decisions, control resources, and shape policies and perspectives in their homes, workplaces, and communities. Proposals were evaluated during a three-month process that included peer reviews, as well as a review by an expert panel of 130 leaders from sectors including philanthropy, media, entrepreneurship, finance, and academia. Girls Inc. was one of four finalists awarded $10M to pursue the proposed project.

With this funding, Girls Inc. has the opportunity to advance real, equitable change for women and gender equality across the U.S. by breaking down barriers, expanding opportunities, and changing systems.

Hear from Simone, Girls Inc. of Greater Philadelphia & Southern New Jersey alumna.

Expected outcomes include an increased number of young women graduating college; an increased network of influence for girls from historically marginalized groups; and job placement in high-paying, positions of leadership.

Equality Can’t Wait is a visionary response to some of the most persistent and damaging issues preventing the emergence of a fair and equitable society. Girls Inc. is grateful to all involved in this unique opportunity, especially the challenge funders, for the structure, thought partnership, and support that have shaped this vision for Project Accelerate. Together, we can make a bold leap to an equitable future.

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Executive Summary

A Prospectus Presented to Equality Can’t Wait

Girls Inc. Project Accelerate Press Release

For more information on Project Accelerate contactRob Reddy– Director of Strategic Investments.
Press inquiries should be directed toElizabeth Velez– Director of Marketing & Communications. 


Request for Proposals FAQ Section 

Q: Does Girls Inc. specify a maximum indirect rate (i.e., overhead cap) for the application?

A: Girls Inc. has not specified a maximum indirect rate associated with this RFP; however, it will be something the selection committee evaluates in its review of submitted proposals.

Q: For the biographical sketch of the Principal Investigator, are we allowed to submit publications that are not peer-reviewed ?

A: Applicants are welcome to submit any publications they deem substantively relevant and reflective of their skillset and/or approach. We only ask that, in addition to including the complete citation/access information for each piece, you denote which publications (if any) have been processed through formal peer review, and which have not. 

Q: Do you anticipate that the evaluation will use mostly existing data previously collected by Girls Inc. or require new data to be collected specifically for this evaluation?

A: We expect the need for original data collection. Because most of Girls Inc.’s data collection has focused on youth participants, the selected evaluator will likely need to support Girls Inc. to collect data with and from Project Accelerate participants and companies in the postsecondary and workforce contexts. 

Q: Is there a specific IRB that Girls Inc. plans to submit this evaluation through or is there an assumption that all non-university firms will partner with a university or similar entity with IRB oversight?

A: Girls Inc. has an existing relationship with an IRB; this will not be something non-university firms will need to establish.

Q: Does Project Accelerate operate on an academic year, calendar year, or something else?

A: The Project Accelerate grant cycle runs from June to May.

Project Accelerate will support young women during critical times of transition in their lives.

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