Dear Friends,

Our 2012 fiscal year saw major progress in bringing life-changing programs and experiences to more girls and building long-term financial capacity.

We began implementing a new framework for sustainable growth, called Creating a Bold Future Together: Girls Inc. Strategic Direction 2011-2015.

In year one of rollout, we targeted four priorities:

  • support affiliate growth planning;
  • build fundraising and financial strength;
  • develop an outcomes measurement system; and
  • expand the national organization’s capabilities.

I’m pleased to report that we exceeded our goals in every area.

Thirty-one affiliates have board approved growth plans, exceeding the initial goal of 20.Others are developing plans. These are roadmaps focusing on expanding services, particularly to Latinas and middle and high school girls, often in partnership with schools.

Our financials are strong. National office revenue increased to $8.9 million. With administrative and fundraising expenses held tight, expenses were $500,000 under budget. A nearly $1 million change in net assets from operations allowed us to build a healthy balance sheet with a working capital ratio of 1.02. Most importantly, 84 cents of every dollar went directly to programming, demonstrating how we maximize resources for our mission and girls.

We defined specific outcomes we want for our girls and six elements of Girls Inc. programming and environment that lead to these positive changes, selected an affiliate information system to track results, and moved far along in developing a survey measurement tool.

We welcomed Patricia Driscoll as Chief Operating Officer. Pat ran one of our highest performing affiliates—located in Lynn, MA—for 18 years. She is the first COO with this background. We transitioned Human Resources and Finance from New York to our fully owned Indianapolis facility, reducing rent expense and synchronizing these areas under Susan Houchin, National Director of Administrative Services.

These dynamic achievements were fueled by our inspiring, smart, and dedicated Board of Directors, donors, and partners. You make it possible to provide girls the highest quality programs and staff — and to grow. Like us, you believe deeply in the promise of every girl.

Thank you for your trust and generous investments in Girls Inc. that enable girls across the United States and Canada to grow up prepared to achieve their dreams.

Judy Vredenburgh
President and CEO