Girls Inc. made a purposeful commitment to increase by 30 percent the number of girls who benefit from core program offerings by 2015. Strategies focused on growing service to Latina girls, extending our reach to low-income girls and other underrepresented communities, and attracting and keeping more teen girls through developmentally crucial years. A number of critical donors made this possible. The Goizueta Foundation and the Tupperware Brands Foundation supported our Latina Initiative. We joined the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention at the U.S. Department of Justice in exploring how group mentorship can engage at-risk middle school girls. partnered on the Reaching More Middle School Girls Initiative.

My family were refugees from El Salvador lucky to get asylum. I found my refuge in Girls Inc. I was one of only a few Latinas in school, and everyone had money and fancy haircuts and clothes. At home, I had a lot of responsibility. I desperately needed a place to just be me and people who didn’t place more labels or pressure on me.
Grace, 16