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Inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold




Nelzy Utilizes Media Smarts to Advocate for Positive Change


As a teenager, Nelzy started to see girls around her changing. Their bodies were maturing more quickly than hers and they began acting differently around boys. Nelzy was even bullied and teased by girls she considered friends because of her physical appearance. She felt self-conscious and alone. Thankfully, Nelzy found Girls Inc.

At Girls Inc., Nelzy felt safe to talk about her insecurities. By connecting with other girls, she realized  she wasn’t the only one who struggled with self-doubt. She made friends and learned how to embrace her individuality. With the help of mentors and peers, Nelzy also discovered her strengths and was empowered to make a difference.

While at Girls Inc., Nelzy learned about the portrayal of women in media, and how edited photos can create unrealistic beauty expectations. She saw the power of the media, which sparked her interest in film. As a 10th grader, Nelzy created a documentary about the lack of accessible grocery stores and produce in low-income neighborhoods. The film went on to be featured on PBS and win The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Award.

"Through my media literacy classes at Girls Inc. and by creating this documentary, I realized that I can use film to tell stories and educate my community,” she said. “Being from Oakland and being a girl limits the opportunities to continue your education and have a platform to share your voice. Thanks to Girls Inc. that’s not my story.”

This fall, Nelzy plans to attend to the University of Southern California and study directing. She hopes to use her talent to highlight issues that affect women and girls. Nelzy is just one of the many girls who, through Girls Inc., have gained the knowledge and skills to advocate for themselves and others.

We celebrate Girls Inc. Week May 2-6 and the power of girls to critically analyze and harness the power of media for good.

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Girls Inc. Week Celebrates The Power of Media Literacy


We’re kicking off the 2016 Annual Girls Inc. Week by raising media awareness and countering stereotypes that limit girls and women! As part of our commitment to the White House, girls across our Girls Inc. network will be empowered to analyze critically what they see and hear in the media, to advocate for change in retail, entertainment, news, and advertising, and to demand images that are more positive and reflective of their lives. 

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Empowering Big Dreams and Bold Moves with Benefit Cosmetics


Girls Inc. is excited to join Benefit Cosmetics for another year of inspiring big dreams and bold moves through the Bold is Beautiful Project! Benefit connects Girls Inc. girls with strong female mentors who provide college and career insight and advice, making it possible for our girls to set high expectations and see college attendance as an attainable goal.

During the month of May, every dollar from brow wax services at Benefit Boutiques, Macy’s & Belk BrowBars goes directly towards their charity partners, including Girls Inc., that empower girls and women. Find a location near you.

Thank You for Supporting the 2016 Girls Inc. New York Luncheon


Thank you for being a part of the Girls Inc. 2016 New York Luncheon – Celebrating Women of Achievement! Together, we invested in bringing more role models and mentors into girls lives, helping them to open their minds and their futures to new possibilities. Your support lets a girl know that you are in her corner - she matters, her success is important, and she can be in charge of her own future.